Following a campaign of unbelievable ‘click-bait’, HAWXX release their new single, THE LIE, on 22/05/2019. Amidst the chaos of Brexit, THE LIE is a reflection of our current political climate. It’s an account of how untruths and fear are used by political leaders and the media to manipulate the public to the point where we are numbed and complacent – “We’re lovers of the lie, terrified and pacified” .


HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Jessica and Iman. Originally hailing from Greece, Wales, England and Bahrain, they founded the band in Wandsworth, South London in 2018. Bonding over funny voices, feminism, booze, knitting, metal and rock music, the band of sisters spent 2018 writing songs, crafting their sound and gigging across the country – including a performance at KOKO, Camden.


Named after the bird of prey, with the double XX symbolising the double XX female chromosome, HAWXX are proud to rock-out and shake-up the male-dominated scene; frequently spinning outbreaks of casual sexism and under-estimation into applause and respect.  Having all worked as session musicians, their prowess, aptitude and outright command of their instruments build a power-house on stage. Their magnetic energy and bold, fearless performances have captivated audiences and won a healthy fanbase in a short space of time.


HAWXX make metal-laced heavy rock, spanning from the deeply personal to the outwardly political, including songs about getting instantly fired from your job, giving the finger to institutionalised religion and how love is a mighty bitch. Determined to capture the essence of their live sound in the studio, they caught the attention of renowned producer Larry Hibbitt (Hundred Reasons, Marmozets,Nothing But Thieves), to bring the best out of the band’s heavy sound and to produce their infectious debut single:


LOVE’S A BITCH dropped on February 14th 2019 as an anti-valentines day anthem. The track is about an all-or-nothing attitude to love and the fight to connect with those we love. The song’s verses display vulnerability, while the chaotic choruses declare power-play and passion: “the dogs of love fight to the death”.


2019 promises to be an exciting year for HAWXX with planned single-releases, more shows and festivals on the horizon, new tracks in the making, and growing support from music lovers who embrace the raw, the loud, the intricate, and the filthy walls of sound these four women are exorcising.