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HAWXX are a shapeshifting, punk infused alt-metal band. 


As a feminist band, we want our music to embody feral sisterhood. To be the thread that binds us together in love and rage, holding women and our queer community at its core. Our shows are the place where this message comes alive, both on stage and within the beautiful community we have built. 


This band is our chaos and our catharsis. 


We write songs about feminist resistance, undoing oppressive beauty standards, violence against women and queer people, the unfolding ecological catastrophe, being a sensitive lil soul but also a norty gremlin.


It is our aim to be a part of transforming the rock and metal scene, and both Hannah and Anna were nominated by Metal Hammer as guitarists most likely to change the world. 


HAWXX are:

Anna (lead vocals / guitar)

Hannah (guitar / backing vocals)

Jess (drums / backing vocals)

Julia (bass / backing vocals). 

We are based in London and hailing from Greece, Wales, England and Italy. 



Our debut album Earth, Spit, Blood and Bones, nominated for album of the year by Metalhammer, is out now. 



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'Every second of this debut album has something to say and ensures you remember the message long after it meets its squalling end. This is music you feel in your heart just as much as your gut'.- Metal Hammer Album review

“A hard hitting call for solidarity”- Classic rock magazine

'Intelligent, fierce, unrelenting and empowering, ‘Earth, Spit, Blood & Bones’ is an easy contender for album of the year. Make no mistake, HAWXX are changing the world. - METAL PLANET

Hannah and Anna listed on Metal Hammers '13 guitarists that will change the world' 

Raw, visceral and beautiful - Total Rock 

“Their songs and shows are a rallying cry for women, trans and LGBTQ+ people everywhere, and they’ve built a loyal fanbase. Their crowd-funded debut record, Earth, Spit, Blood and Bones, is an optimistic, rage-filled achievement for a band who have done pretty much everything on their own.”- Rocksound Magazine 




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